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2011-2012 season

Four Minutes: A first-person account of Jeremy Abbott’s free skate at the 2012 Prudential U.S. Figure Skating Championships By Gwen Abbott Asmussen [March 5, 2012/]

Triple crown! Abbott caps third U.S. title in landslide [January 29, 2012/]

Jeremy Abbott wins his third title at U.S. Figure Skating Championships [January 29, 2012/Associated Press]

Aspen native Jeremy Abbott takes whopping lead at figure skating championships [January 28, 2012/Associated Press]

Jeremy Abbott’s transcribed quote after he won the short program [90.23] [January 27, 2012/U.S. Figure Skating]

Jeremy Abbott comfortable with being favorite at U.S. Figure Skating Championships [January 27, 2012/Denver Post]

2009-2010 season

Meet Team USA: Jeremy Abbott [February 9, 2010/Figure Skaters Online]

Abbott takes long road from Aspen to Olympics [January 25, 2010/Aspen Daily News]

2010 U.S. Olympians finalized [January 23, 2010/Figure Skaters Online]

Detroit club skater eyes medal [January 20, 2010/The Detroit News]

Focused Jeremy Abbott lands second U.S. figure skating title [January 18, 2010/USA Today]       

Jeremy Abbott wins second straight U.S. figure skating title [January 18, 2010/Los Angeles Times]

Jeremy Abbott leads men’s team into Vancouver [January 17, 2010/Figure Skaters Online]

Abbott Defends Skating Title With a Flourish [January 17, 2010/New York Times]

 Jeremy Abbott looks ahead with confidence [January 17, 2010/Detroit Free Press]

 Abbott leads Lysacek, Weir in Spokane [January 16, 2010/Figure Skaters Online]

Evan Lysacek favored at nats [January 14, 2010/Figure Skaters Online]

Jeremy Abbott commits to 2010-11 [January 4, 2010/Figure Skaters Online] 

Another golden moment for Evan Lysacek[December 5, 2009/Figure Skaters Online]

Lysacek trails Takahashi in Tokyo [December 4, 2009/Figure Skaters Online]

Eight head to Grand Prix Final [December 2, 2009/Figure Skaters Online]

Abbott advances to Grand Prix Final with win [November 21, 2009/Figure Skaters Online]

Abbott touched by tragedy before short [November 20. 2009/Figure Skaters Online]

Abbott looks to secure spot in Final [November 17, 2009/ Figure Skaters Online]

Weir rebounds with NHK Trophy silver [November 7, 2009/Figure Skaters Online]

Abbott, Weir 2-3 at NHK Trophy [November 6, 2009/Figure Skaters Online]

Former champion Yuka Sato passing the torch to Jeremy Abbott [November 5, 2009/Detroit Free Press]

Skater Jeremy Abbott resumes his Olympic quest [June 7, 2009/Detroit Free Press]

Q & A with Detroit-bound skating champ Jeremy Abbott [May 22, 2009/Detroit Free Press]

US champion Abbott switching coaches [May 22, 2009/The Associated Press]

Jordin Sparks headlines ‘Skate for the Heart’ [May 14, 2009/Figure Skaters Online]    

Abbott leaving coach, World Arena behind [March 23, 2009/Denver Post]